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Happy New Year! 2021 Blog Statistics and More!

HappyNewYear.jpgHappy New Year from all of us here at the HLS (Healthcare and Life Sciences) Blog! It has been a heck of a year through 2021 with so much happening in Healthcare and Life Sciences and we want to extend a special Thank You to all of you who have been following us for the ride. We hope that as the content has continued to evolve here you have found value for yourselves, and your organizations and it is our fervent hope that as we can continue to provide valuable content that meets your needs. The following is a brief recap of some of the blog statistics for 2021 as well as some plans for changes in 2022.

This past year saw continued hunger for HLS content as exhibited by our 2021 statistics.

1- Blog Statistics for January 1st – December 31st 2021:

    • 304,867 1.1 Views per Visit
    • 265,769 1.2 Visits per Visitor
    • 218,813 1.4 Views per Visitor
    • 176



2- Upcoming:

As we begin 2022 the HLS Blog Team will be meeting next week to plan upcoming content (both on-demand and live). Additionally, we are continuing to bring onboard additional new contributors covering the full spectrum of the Microsoft Healthcare and Life Sciences technology/solutions stack (from Modern Workplace to Azure). Finally, we are also making plans to kick things up with the weekly MidDay Café podcast. We will be moving to a live, MidDay Café LIVE, format and will feature opportunities for audience participation as we use the new Microsoft Teams Webinar feature to deliver the live session as well as make on demand recordings.

Thanks again for all your support this past 2021 and we look forward to bigger and better things for our customers in 2022!

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