Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Released: SCOM Management Pack for SQL Server (

An update to SQL Server Management Pack is available ( You can download the MP from the link below.  


Download Microsoft System Center Management Pack for SQL Server from Official Microsoft Download Cen...


What's New

  • Updated the "Product Version Compliance" monitor with the most recent version of public updates for SQL Server

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the failing 'MultiValueSpaceHealthCalculator' module on localized operating systems where SQL Server is installed
  • Fixed an issue with the failing 'LocalDBEngineDiscovery' module in environments, in which both x64 and x86 versions of SQL Server are installed


Another change we've done recently is to move operations guides for all SQL Server family of management packs from download center to docs.microsoft.com. This unifies the content viewing experience for the user as the rest of the SCOM and SQL Server documentation is already there. Further more, it allows us to present you with the most up to date and accurate content online. The link to the operation guide for each MP can be found on the MP download page. 


Features and Enhancements in Management Pack for SQL Server


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