Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Known issue in Azure Sphere SDK version 22.02

An issue was reported in the 22.02 SDK, related to the sys/socket.h header and musl 64-bit time support that are included in API set 12. The issue will be resolved in an upcoming update to the SDK. No OS change is required to address this issue. However, for now, if you are using the setsockopt() function defined in sys/socket.h, you should not build your production applications with API set 12. We recommend using API set 11 with the 22.02 release.


This only affects newly compiled applications built with the 22.02 release. It does not affect:

  • Existing binary compiled or deployed applications.
  • Applications built with SDKs other than the recent 22.02 release.
  • Applications built with 22.02 SDK but using API sets other than version 12 .
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