Friday, April 8, 2022

Azure Monitor Tech Community rebranded to Azure Observability

The Azure Monitor Tech Community discussion space and blog content has been moved into a new Azure Observability Tech Community discussion space and blog, which will include upcoming observability services such as Azure Managed Grafana and more to come! 


We are leaving the Azure Monitor discussion space and blog open until April 18th purely to redirect. Please go to the Azure Observability discussion space for any Azure Monitor, Azure Managed Grafana or other Azure Observability questions or posts.


If you are subscribed to the Azure Monitor blog, you will need to re-subscribe to the Azure Observability blog (go here and click the subscribe button). Otherwise, no actions are required on the members’ ends – all existing individual blog posts and forum posts will remain and automatically forward, as well as individual subscriptions to threads. If you wish to filter for a specific service within the Azure Observability space, you can filter by the product label as shown below:  




Thank you for being a part of our awesome community! 

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