Friday, April 8, 2022

Join #VivaExplorers in an empathic hybrid workplace


Who are the Viva Explorers? We are 12 like-minded Microsoft MVPs in Europe, who gravitated together when Microsoft Viva launched with a big bang in the Microsoft Partner Network last summer. We have a North Star mission to create a community of #VivaExplorers and:

  • Share remarkable things Microsoft Viva can do
  • Help to understand the logic on how Microsoft Viva can help organisations
  • Demonstrate how Microsoft Viva is set-up
  • Pass to Microsoft what we heard and learned to help improve Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Viva is going to be a long and satisfying journey to a better employee experience in the hybrid workplace from being hired to exiting. However, we need to bear in mind that Microsoft Teams has grown exponentially in two years in what forecasters predicted should have taken at least five years! So, a vast amount of user adoption effort is still to be accomplished.


We are committed to take Microsoft Teams, and the rest of Microsoft 365, to another level for the end users as it is phenomenal! The art of the possible is a flexible intranet that reaches Frontline Workers on their own device, accessible learning opportunities, knowledge in the flow of your work and employee insights to help us all work smarter not harder. We are also tremendously keen to nurture an empathic leadership culture with digital wellbeing Microsoft Viva features. And, yet more brand-new features being shipped towards the end of the year with your personal objectives aligned to your company strategies.


If you want to know more about Microsoft Viva, then join us at our Women in Teams session on Wednesday, April 13 at 9:00 am Pacific Daylight time (to join the WiT community, go to We will share business benefits, set-up, licensing, adoption, Microsoft Viva roadmaps and have some genuine fun.


The #VivaExplorers door is open for more around the globe to join, and not just MVPs to co-present at events, write blogs and make podcasts. Let’s share our insights and experiences, learn from each other and build each other good! We are #BetterTogether

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So, once passed Microsoft Viva novice go directly to Microsoft Viva exploring and meet us here:


Lesley Crook Viva Visionary UK | Sara Fennah Viva Realist UK| Chirag Patel Viva Enabler UK | Merethe Stave Viva Optimist Norway | Zoe Wilson Viva Dreamer UK | Kevin McDonnell Viva Transformer UK | Ana Inés Urrutia Viva Aviator Spain | Kat Greenan Viva Cheerleader UK | Ståle Hansen Viva Empath Norway| Martina Grom Viva Strategist Germany | Nikki Chapple Viva Guardian UK| Mårten Hellebro Viva Medic Sweden


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