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March in HLS – Microsoft Viva, Security & Compliance, Azure API for FHIR, and More

Welcome to the monthly Healthcare and Life Sciences blog recap, March edition! Check out the highlights below:




MidDay Cafe

  • Virtual Tours for Hybrid Work in Viva Connections and Teams: Interested in Virtual Reality and the Metaverse? Learn how you can benefit from this futuristic technology using existing M365 services. Click here to watch the series.
  • Empower Employee Learning: Are you investing in your employee experience? Learn how you can leverage Viva Learning to simplify and unify the employee learning experience in Microsoft Teams. Watch the episode here.
  • Enhance Your Teams Video with Overlays Transitions and More for Webinars and Meetings: Learn how you can add professional overlays with titles, locations, and more to add a more polished delivery of your Microsoft Teams events. Learn more here.


Microsoft Compliance




Security Matters

  • February Newsletter: Keep up to date with everything new in security at Microsoft. Learn more here.  


Windows 365 Cloud PC

  • Architecture Design Provisioning Options: Learn about the 3 new available options to roll out Windows 365 Cloud PCs. Read more here.
  • Deploy CM Client to Windows 365 Cloud PC Azure AD Joined: Learn how to deploy CM Client to Windows 365 Cloud PC Azure AD Joined devices without Cloud Management Gateway. Click here to learn more.
  • Management Design options for Windows 365 Cloud PC: Learn how to use Intune and Co-Management for Windows 365 Cloud PC. Click here to learn more.


Voices of Healthcare Cloud

  • Healthcare Device Manufacturing Inventory Management: Learn how better inventory management can help avoid unnecessary medical device inventory costs. Watch the episode here.


Microsoft Hackathons

  • Internal Platform Hackathon Solutions: Learn about some of the healthcare solutions Microsoft employees have created on Microsoft Teams and the Power Platform during our internal hackathons. Learn about the solutions here.
  • Tech Intensity and Driving Innovation: Interested in hosting your own hackathon? Learn how to here.


Microsoft Viva



  • Parsing FHIR Objects with Custom JSON Converters in C#: Learn how to use a custom converter to parse objects. Learn how here.
  • Nextflow on Microsoft Azure with a Blazor Frontend: Watch the technical overview of Nextflow on Microsoft Azure solution, which is an open-source starter kit built by Microsoft’s Emerging Opportunities Team. Learn more here.   




January's HLS Blog Contributors:


 Shelly Avery, Senior Technical Specialist, Microsoft Teams



Michael Gannotti, Principal Technical Specialist, Microsoft Teams


phil jirsa.jpg

Phil Jirsa, Senior Cloud Solution Architect, Health and Life Sciences


Juan Sifuentes.jpg

Juan Sifuentes, Senior Technical Specialist, Security


dave upton.jfif

Dave Upton, Senior Customer Success Manager, Health and Life Sciences


Jeremy W.jpg

Jeremy Windmiller, Senior Technical Specialist, Security & Compliance


daniel kim.jpg

Daniel Kim, Senior Cloud Solution Architect, Health and Life Sciences



James Havens, Senior Technical Specialist, Compliance



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