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Special 4 NAB 2022: Sweet 16 Azure Video Indexer Features Every Media Library Should Leverage

Azure Video Analyzer for Media (AVAM) aka Azure Video Indexer (VI) is an applied-AI cloud solution, hyper-scale, enterprise grade, productive media workflow solution orchestrating intelligent video and audio AI pipelines. At NAB we are announcing 16 new features, all based on our customer feedback.  

Sweet 16 Set of Latest Product Enhancements

We are thrilled to announce just-in-time for NAB, 2022 the following enhancements: 


Intelligent Content and Models

  1. GA (General Availability) release:  include speakers' characteristic based on a closed captioning file that you choose to download (formats: SRT, VTT, TTML, TXT, or CSV). 
  2. New AI model in preview - person attributes detection 
  3. 40% Accuracy Improvements to observed people detection model 
  4. 25% Detection Improvement to audio event detection model  
  5. Preview feature: Mapping between observed people and face detection - When indexing a video through our advanced video settings, you can view the new matched person detection capability. If there are people observed in your media file, you can now view the specific person who matched each of them through the media player.
  6. Preview feature: Bounding boxes representation for detected faces - You can now turn on a bounding box for detected faces during indexing of the media file using the player. 


Figure #1: Azure Video Indexer web portal: Option to download captions with speakers' attributes and audio effects. 


Global Expansion  

7. Source languages support for Speech-to-text, translation, and search in Hebrew (he-IL), Portuguese (pt-PT), and Persian (fa-IR).  

8. New regions are available: France Central, Central US, Brazil South, West Central US, Korea Central, and Japan West where you can create your own Azure Video Indexer account 

Easy and Secure Account Management  

9. Preview of account management based on ARM in Gov and public clouds. Account management via Azure portal and Azure CLI. For more information read here

10. Code samples including HTTP calls to use CRUD ARM API. See this sample. 

Widgets Enhancements for Solution Developers  

11. New npm package to add insights widgets to your app and customize it  

12. Support more than 1 locale in a widget's parameter. 

13. Insights widgets support initial search parameters and multiple sorting options. Insights widgets also include a confirmation step  before deleting a face to avoid mistakes. 

14. The widget customization now supports width as strings (for example 100%, 100vw). 

15. Option to add and load external data elements in the widget. 

Read more here


Editing Scenario for Pre/post-production Scenarios 

16. GA release of project feature allowing adding and editing video clips in a project. Read more here. 



Figure #2: Azure Video Indexer web portal: edit a project based on videos from your media library 


Did you miss Azure Video Indexer? 

We revert from “Azure Video Analyzer for Media” (AVAM) back to “Azure Video Indexer” (aka VI) as the official product name starting May, 2022. Why? Simplicity wins. We learnt that the old known name has become a word-wide brand for Video AI technology. Product documentation and marketing collaterals will be updated accordingly. Our product vision is still to empower every media owner in Azure to deeply analyze the content by extracting insights, achieving more business impact. Content is what really matters to us, not names :smile:

new icon.png

Figure #3: Azure Video Indexer 'fresher' logo version 


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If you are attending NAB Show 2022, stop by booth #W3017 to see the latest Azure Video Indexer and Cognitive Services innovations! We’d love to meet you, learn more about your media related scenarios, and walk you through the recent features we released at NAB Show and share with you our existing roadmap. 


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