Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Join Us For the Azure Static Web Apps Anniversary Event!



It's the #SWAanniversary!
It's hard to believe that it was just under a year ago that
this announcement happened - telling us Azure Static Web Apps was generally available! :party_popper: 


A turnkey service for modern full-stack web apps with pre-built and pre-rendered static front-ends, and serverless API backends", Azure Static Web Apps focuses on making the developer experience - from build-to-deploy - effortless for modern web apps.

Static Web Apps is a power-packed solution to globally host websites, providing a seamless experience via features like CI/CD integrations, preview environments, global scalability, customizable authentication integrations, managed Azure edge, custom domains, and
a lot more! 


Fast forward a year and we are days away from the 1-year Anniversary (#SWAanniversary), making this a perfect time to reflect on the journey so far and get excited about what's coming up next! So join us May 19, 2022 and hear from keynote speakers like Scott Hanselman and Donovan Brown, along with our product team and Microsoft MVPs in a 1.5-hour event streaming live on Learn TV. 


Visit the Event page to check out the speaker lineup and add the event to your calendar!!


Learn with #30DaysOfSWA 

But that's not all!  Are you n
ew to Azure Static Web Apps? Do you want to learn the core concepts, see usage examples, explore developer tools and understand best practices for building richer user experiences with Azure Static Web Apps? 

Then join us and jumpstart your learning journey on 30DaysOfSWA 
with a whole month of short articles that provides a curated tour of Static Web Apps that takes you from code to scale.  Here's a sneak peek at what we covered in Week 1 (last week) with a focus on Core Concepts. 




For more details about the anniversary event, do visit aka.ms/swaanniversary. 

Here are a few links to kickstart your SWA journey: 


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